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ANDY FOSBERRY – blair, maryland


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Composer Andy Fosberry delivers two alternate scores for

The Blair Witch Project on a single cassette release!


Two electronic albums in one inspired by the original found footage horror film The Blair Witch Project (1999). That’s the premise behind ‘Blair, Maryland’, the latest musical project from Brit composer Andy Fosberry.


Presented on limited edition cassette by Spun Out Of Control, Side A is a contemporary take, full of building tension and percussive jolts. On Side B, subtitled ‘The Synth Extensions’, however, Andy re-imagines his own score as if it were recorded in the 1970s/80s on a phalanx of analogue synths. Imagine Vangelis dragging his hulking Yamaha CS 80 down to the heart of a dark forest!


‘Blair, Maryland’ follows Andy Fosberry’s Event Horizon re-score ‘Death Ship 2047’ and his work on Turquoise Moon’s ‘The Sunset City’, both also released this year on Spun Out Of Control. Cover art has been provided by label regular Eric Adrian Lee, with this release limited to 200 tapes, split between two coloured hand-numbered shells: a dual colour red & black shell (‘Battery Low/Battery Dead’) and a fluorescent Forest ‘Night Vision’ Green shell. Both perfect for haunting your ‘boombox’ this Halloween!

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