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ALFRED HITCHCOCK – various vinyl


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Incredible compilation of tracks used in Hitchcock films


A1. Jack Beaver / Louis Levy – Main Theme (as heard in “A Woman Alone”)

A2. Eric Fenby – Jamaica Inn (as heard in “Jamaica Inn” )

A3. Franz Waxman – The Paradine Case Main Title (as heard in “The Paradine Case”)

A4. Richard Addinsell – Main & End Title Music (as heard in “Under Capricorn”)

A5. Franz Waxman – Entrance Hall – Mrs Danvers (as heard in “Rebecca”)

A6. Arthur Benjamin – Storm Clouds Cantata (Version London Symphonic Orchestra) (as heard in “The Man Who Knew Too Much”)

A7. Dimitri Tiomkin – Main Title (as heard in ” Shadow of a Doubt”)

A8. Miklós Rózsa – Scherzo (as heard in ” Spellbound”)

B1. Miklós Rózsa – Spellbound Concerto (as heard in “Spellbound”)

B2. David Buttlolph – Main Tittle (D’après Francis Poulenc) (as heard in “Rope”)

B3. Louis Levy – Erica At The Mill (as heard in “Young and Innocent”)

B4. Franz Waxman – Main Title (as heard in “Suspicion”)

B5. Roy Webb – Main Title (as heard in “Notorious”)

B6. Hugo Friedhofer – Disaster (as heard in “Lifeboat”)

B7. Jack Beaver / Louis Levy – Suite (From The Thirty Nine Steps) Version The City Of Prague Philharmonic (as heard in “The 39 Steps”)

B8. Louis Levy / Charles Williams – Prelude  [version : The City of Prague Philharmonic] (as heard in “The Lady Vanishes”)

B9. Bernard Hermann – Main Theme (as heard in “The Trouble With Harry”)

C1. Bernard Hermann – Prelude (From The Man Who Knew Too Much) (as heard in “The Man Who Knew Too Much”)

C2. Leighton Lucas – Main & End Title music  (as heard in “Stage Fright”)

C3. Leighton Lucas – Eve’s Rhapsody (as heard in “Stage Fright”)

C4. Bernard Hermann – Prelude (as heard in “The Wrong Man”)

C5. Lyn Murray – Francie’s Theme (as heard in “To Catch a Thief”)

C6. Dimitri Tiomkin – The Key (as heard in “Dial M for Murder”)

C7. Franz Waxman / Mack David – Many Dreams Ago (as heard in “Rear Window”)

C8. Lyn Murray – Main Title (as heard in “To Catch a Thief” )

D1. Franz Waxman – Lisa (Intermezzo) (as heard in “Rear Window”)

D2. Franz Waxman – Lisa – Finale (as heard in “Rear Window”)

D3. Dimitri Tiomkin – Main Title / Approaching The Train (as heard in “Strangers On A Train”)

D4. Dimitri Tiomkin – Theme (as heard in “I Confess”)

D5. Bernard Hermann – Prelude (as heard in “North By Northwest”)

D6. Bernard Hermann – The Murder / Finale (as heard in “Psycho”)

D7. Bernard Hermann – Prelude (as heard in “Vertigo”)

D8. Bernard Hermann – The Nightmare (as heard in “Vertigo”)

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