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Electronic musician Rupert Lally debuts on Spun Out Of Control with ghostly synth score ‘The Prospect’


Analogue synths soundtrack a cinematic tale of snow-flecked terror set in the Canadian Rockies in 1882, as musician Rupert Lally scores his short ghost story ‘The Prospect’, the text of which is printed on the fold-out inner panels of this limited edition cassette release on Spun Out Of Control.


Available as a limited edition of 180 copies split between ‘Soldier Blue’ (90 copies) and ‘Yellow Snow’ (90 copies) colour cassette shells.


Artwork is by label regular Eric Adrian Lee. Catalogue number SOS 035.


Chronicling robbery, sacrifice and cannibalism, this 10-track album of emotive electronica is sure to thrill and entertain in equal measure as the music ebbs and flows at the story’s terrifying twists and turns. A thrillingly wintry headphone listen…

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