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PERFECT BLUE – Masahiro Ikumi (Blue/Green vinyl)


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Repress of Rumi Retail Edition pressed on Blue/green solid translucent colored wax

Limited to 500 copies


Well over a year in the making, Tiger Lab Vinyl and Madhouse Production Studios teamed up to present Masahiro Ikumi’s original score to to the classic 1997 psychological thriller on vinyl for the first time ever.


Once again, Tiger Lab enlisted the impeccable work of Heba Kadry of Timeless Mastering NYC to remaster Ikumi’s mesmerizing compositions. Not so different from the sounds of Brooklyn’s own Sacred Bones or the Tri Angle Records catalog, Ikumi’s score is an electronic tour de force filled with ambient layers, eerie vocal choirs, infectious rhythms, and ghostly melodies.


A short but powerful listen (six tracks clocking in at 31 minutes), PERFECT BLUE will haunt your speakers for days.



Mima’s Theme, Nightmare, Virtual Mima, Uchida’s Theme, Nightmare (Kaminari Version), Virtual Mima (Voice Version)

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