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LIGHTNING BOLT – Ride the Skies


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‘Ride The Skies’ is the second album by Lightning

Bolt and this re-release makes it available to fans

for the first time since its original release.

Compared to their first album it’s cleaner and

tighter, recorded in studio rather than live.

 Lightning Bolt never fail to make magic, filling a

space with loud, raw sound. Sounds of synth or

guitar turn out to be bass and riffs become

patterns, become a beat in the background,

become a wall of noise, become a clear sound

above it all. Lightning Bolt are known for the

sound that truly comes into its own in this album.

 ‘Ride The Skies’ is re-released with deluxe

packaging featuring jacket art that was designed

by Brian Chippendale for the original release but

has never been realized until now.

 Recent Thrill Jockey Lightning Bolt re-releases

seem to move as quickly as the Brians playing live,

as old and new fans jump at the rare opportunity

to finally get an old favourite in a shiny new jacket.

 ‘Baby Blue Sky’ coloured vinyl available.

 “Listening is akin to the scene in The Wizard Of Oz

where a sepia tone gives way to Technicolor; it

opens up new vistas to the sound, while giving the

band an opportunity to exhibit more involved

musicianship. It’s less a blur and more a detailed

map of planned aggression.” – NPR

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