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2 x 180g Leviathan vinyl.

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Christopher Young returns to score the sequel to Hellraiser with arguably his most terrifying score to date.

HELLBOUND is absolutely terrifying, fusing a large orchestra, a choir and electronics. Young manages to expand on the original score to deliver something much larger in scope and harkening back to the golden age of horror scores. A master of his craft, his work here is incredible with many layers to unravel, which reward on multiple listens.


Composed by Christopher Young

Side A

1          Hellbound/Second Sight Seance

2          Looking Through A Woman

3          Something To Think About


Side B

1          “Skin Her Alive”

2          Stringing The Puppet

3          Hall Of Mirrors

4          Dead Or Living?


Side C

1          Leviathan

2          Sketch With Fire

3          Chemical Entertainment


Side D

1          Obscene Kiss

2          Headless Wizard

3          What’s Your Pleasure?




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