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Turquoise Moon’s ‘long lost’ electronic album ‘The Sunset City’ receives first vinyl release on Spun Out Of Control


Sounding like a cruise down a boulevard in the sunshine while palm tress flame and crackle dramatically above your head, ‘The Sunset City’ by LA synth duo Turquoise Moon (Frank Heisenberg and Terry Ferrello) will delight fans of 1980s Tangerine Dream soundtracks and retrowave.


The story goes that the LP was recorded for a major US label between the release of the duo’s synth scores for B-movies Midnight Demon & Midnight Demon 2… also previously released by Spun Out Of Control… but has sat on a shelf for 35 years until resurrected and re-mastered by composer Andy Fosberry.


John Bergin, renowned for his Stranger Things album artwork, has here provided cover and logo design, based on the original mid 80s promotional concepts.


Reviews for the album have been enthusiastic, with Electronic Sound magazine calling it “a fantastic slice of analogue synth work, full of grit and 80s synthwave flair.” Original Rock Steady Crew member & DJ Skeme Richards’ blog Nostalgia King describes ‘The Sunset City’ as “a cinematic masterpiece,” while music review site Complex Distractions says the “spectacular” LP “recalls a time when two guys with a room full of synthesizers could easily rule the world.”


Limited to 300 numbered copies worldwide on vinyl, split between two colour pressings (150 units each) and with Japanese-style removable obi strip, anti static inner sleeve & plastic outer bag. Choose from LA Sunset Fireball (yellow in orange colour-in-colour vinyl), or Turquoise Moon (clear turquoise vinyl).

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