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Composed by Paul Leonard-Morgan and Phillip Glass
Artwork by Simon Stålenhag
Mondo, in partnership with Hollywood Records, Simon Stålenhag is proud to present Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan’s exceptional soundtrack to the Amazon Original series TALES FROM THE LOOP


The score for TALES FROM THE LOOP, co-composed by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan, is mesmerizing. Simultaneously otherworldly and timeless. If you’ve seen the show you know how intrinsic the music is to the overall feel of it. And still, this is a record you can equally enjoy independent of the show.


The central piano melody of the main theme weaves itself throughout the entire fabric of the music, forgoing the usual sci-fi trope of electronics and synthesizers. TALES is rooted in piano, cello, violin, and awash with complex orchestration. Melancholic and haunting one moment, dramatic and crashing the next. It’s a towering achievement, and the interplay between the two composers is nothing short of stunning which seamlessly takes the listener on a beautiful and emotional journey.


Composed by Paul Leonard-Morgan and Phillip Glass
Pressed on 2X 180 Gram Black Vinyl  with artwork by Simon Stålenhag
Track List


Side A
1. Walk to School
2. Blink of an Eye
3. Fireflies
4. Running to the Loop
5. The Robot
6. The Teacher
7. Climbing the Tower
8. Are You a Robot  


Side B
1. Asking the Guard
2. Burying the Book
3. Hope
4. George Tries His Radio
5. Stuck Here Forever
6. Gaddis Is Happy
7. A Normal Day
8. Grandpa’s Gone


Side C
1. May’s Frozen Life
2. The Fight
3. Last Forever
4. Gaddis Theme
5. Life of May
6. Approaching the Loop
7. Ed Pulls It Together


Side D
1. Always Here for You
2. Flash Forward
3. George Returns to the Island
4. Light in the Dark
5. Cole Looks for a Job
6. Mom Will Fix It
7. Tales from the Loop

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