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SUSPIRIA (pink vinyl)


Scoring a horror film presented Thom with altogether new challenges and opportunities, Suspiria stands apart from any of his other work. Piano/vocal ballads, Krautrock-esque modular synth work inspired by the film’s Berlin 1977 setting, multilayered vocals, and melodies that convey terror, longing and melancholy combine to create a chaotic yet cohesive musical spell.

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Thom Yorke here mixes krautrock, drone, electronics and traditional song writing to stunning effect. The score is purposely uneasy and off kilter, it has a woozy haunting quality that surprisingly sits alongside the work of more experimental soundscape artists such as Coil. It’s a huge departure for Yorke and best of all he has crafted an album that works as a standalone listen that can be appreciate separately from the films stunning visuals. Unbelievable stuff.



LP Track list –


A1 –

  1. A Storm That Took Everything
  2. The Hooks
  3. Suspirium
  4. Belongings Thrown In A River
  5. Has Ended
  6. Klemperer Walks
  7. Open Again

A2 –

  1. Sabbath Incantation
  2. The Inevitable Pull
  3. Olga’s Destruction (Volk tape)
  4. The Conjuring of Anke
  5. A Light Green
  6. Unmade
  7. The Jumps

B1 –

  1. Volk
  2. The Universe is Indifferent
  3. The Balance of Things
  4. A Soft Hand Across Your Face
  5. Suspirium Finale

B2 –

  1. A Choir of One
  2. Synthesizer Speaks
  3. The Room of Compartments
  4. An Audition
  5. Voiceless Terror
  6. The Epilogue

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Weight300 g
Dimensions31.5 × 31.5 × .05 cm


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