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SHOCK was released in 1977 and directed by horror maestro Mario Bava, released while Italian horror cinema was at its peak, following the international success of Dario Argento with DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA. While Goblin soundtracked the work of Argento, the choice for the music of SHOCK fell on Libra, (distant relatives of Goblin , thanks to drummer Walter Martino and guitarist Carlo Pennisi). In ‘77 Libra, after a brief dalliance with legendary soul/funk label Motown, had practically split up, but on the insistence of Bava they found the necessary inspiration to record the soundtrack to SHOCK, you could say the score was inspired by Goblin’s mix of Prog, Funk and Synths, but it absolutely rages with its own personality. It contains some outrageous over the top prog, terrifying synth attacks, delicate and acoustic atmospheres as well as dissonant and avant-garde soundscapes.


Definitive vinyl re-issue spIit across 2 LPs including 12 tracks never before released on vinyl, all direct from the Cinevox/AMS archives. 2X 140 Gram CLEAR LP.



Track List


The Shock
L’Altalena Rossa
Transfert I / Hypnos / Transfert II
La Baia
La Cantina / The Shock (Ripresa)


Tema Di Marco I / Tema Di Marco II
Tema De Marco (Alternate movie version)
Transfert III
Il Fantasma Suona Piano
Transfert IV / Tema Di Marco II (Ripresa)
Il Fantasma Suona Piano (Ripresa)


The Shock (Spettrale)
Temi Di Marco (Possessione)
Transfert IV (Angoscia Nel Buio)
Tema Di Marco (Carillion Infernale)
Tema Di Marco (Demoniache Presenze)
the Shock (Paura)
The Shock (Voici Nel Buio)
Transfert iV (Attesa Snervante)


La Baia (alt. Take)
Tema Di Marco (carillón Infernale 2)
The Shock (Musica Alla Radio)
Tema Di Marco (Carillion Infernale 3)
The Shock (Beffa Di Demoni)
The Shock (Suite Finale)

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