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Death Waltz Recording Company cordially invites you to join LUZ on her nightmarish journey into the night and beyond, accompanied by a terrifying score by Simon Waskow from a film by Tilman Singer. Luz is a taxi driver who finds solace in the safety of a police station after escaping from the clutches of a woman possessed by a demon. However, the police station is only the beginning of her ordeal, which Waskow musically interprets with disturbing results.

LUZ begins almost in medias res, with tension immediately apparent as isolated synth notes reach out, lost in the darkness. There are two forces at work here – the searching melodies that stretch and modulate in minimalist tones and the sounds from otherworldly frequencies that provide a counterpoint. Disembodied voices that float in the ether speaking of the reflection of the moon on the water, krautrock vocals that chant like they’re coming from a cult, and a final assault that bombards and confuses you with dissonant synth and insane percussion time signatures, breaking the line between dream and nightmare. You might think the broken humming is the end of the story, but the coming cacophony will deny you. This is but a warning of the true power of the narrative of LUZ. (Charlie Brigden, Film music critic,


1. Entry I

2. Zwischenspiel Gang

3. Soft Array (featuring Aerial Drones, Faira & Niklas Wandt)

4. Entry II

5. Mangata (featuring Viva Erotica)

6. Montage Taxi

7. Mangata II

8. Entry III

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