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BROADMEAD (Dinked exclusive)

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BROADMEAD: The Soundtrack to the Film of the Place – John Matthias, Jay Auborn, Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume



“I’ve never been to Broadmead, but I’ve seen the film. I’ve heard its plangent score by John Matthias and Jay Auborn. It makes me feel sad in the way the obituary section of the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Awards makes me sad. Or Johann Johannson’s music. Or coastal erosion. Or all news stories about the environment. Or references to ‘tech giants’, ‘uncanny valleys’, a ‘European Super League’. “The future was merely a promise,” says the film’s narrator, “a promise which has now been broken…” I hear him, I hear him.” Sukhdev Sandhu, The Guardian

Broadmead, a limited edition LP with packaging designed by Eight Grey and photography by Joe Auborn. It includes essays by Gareth Evans (Whitechapel Gallery) and Sukhdev Sandhu (The Guardian) as well as the narrated text by Stanley Donwood.

‘Broadmead’ is the soundtrack to ‘Broadmead: The Movie’, a film by Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume. Named after a run-down shopping precinct in Bristol, it mournfully recalls a time when the government of the United Kingdom was building a National Health Service, new universities, nationalising the railways and creating a Welfare State.


Conveying a bleakly elegiac beauty, the film is a series of ‘moving photographs’, accompanied by deadpan narration and a beautifully sad score written and performed by John Matthias and Jay Auborn. Broadmead is a film that hints of a future that has now been lost.


Stanley Donwood is best known for his collaboration with Radiohead. A retrospective of his artwork, There Will Be No Quiet was published by Thames & Hudson in October 2019. Ness, a collaboration with Robert Macfarlane was published in November 2019 by Hamish Hamilton. His next book, Bad Island, will be published in 2020.


‘I began to think that it might be possible to predict the future by looking at Broadmead. I thought that by spending enough time here I could divine the facts of what the days to come might bring. By examining the spaces between the concrete façades I might decipher a new geometry that would lead me to an understanding of the visible world.’ – from the narration by Stanley Donwood.


Mat Consume is an artist and designer working in multiple medias. He was a Dj /producer and a founder member of No Future in Brighton and Berlin during the 90’s and was also a founder member of Plastic Reality/Plastic Pictures. After losing his hearing, he began working in short films and animation.


John Matthias is a musician and composer who has released six albums via Accidental, Ninja Tune, Nonclassical, Village Green and Sony. He has collaborated with many artists including Radiohead and Coldcut and has had his music remixed by many artists including Thom Yorke, Matthew Herbert and Prince Jammy. In 2008 he won the UK PRS Foundation New Music Award (The ‘Turner Prize’ for music) with Jane Grant and Nick Ryan for The Fragmented Orchestra. He has contributed music to many feature films and TV programmes and had his music performed at Le Poisson Rouge, The Pompidou Centre and The Royal Opera House. He has a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from Exeter University, UK.


Jay Auborn is a musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His work fuses acoustic and electronic genres, applying experimental sound processes to more traditional instrumentation. Recent work includes the 2017 ‘Race to Zero’ LP (Village Green) and 2018’s ‘In The Cloud’ film soundtrack (Sony). Based in Bristol, he manages dBs_Pro, an award-winning creative audio studio and part of the dBs Music institute. A new album is scheduled for release on the Village Green label in early 2020.

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