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Mondo, in conjunction with Marvel Studios and Hollywood Records, are proud to present Alan Silvestri's complete original score to 2018's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.
Silvestri's score for the penultimate chapter of the Infinity Saga, INFINITY WAR, is full of triumphant bombastic beats and solemn down notes – perfect for one of the most shockingly tragic films of the genre. We're honored to present it in its complete format on vinyl for the first time.
Featuring original artwork by Matt Taylor, housed in a tri-fold jacket and pressed on 3x 180 Gram solid vinyl.

Composed by Alan Silvestri


Track List


Side A
1. The Avengers (0:26)
2. Travel Delays (4:45)
3. Undying Fidelity (5:05)
4. No More Surprises (4:04)
5. He Won’t Come Out (3:38)


Side B
1. Field Trip (3:35)
2. Wake Him Up (4:03)
3. We Both Made Promises (4:28)
4. Help Arrives (5:40)


Side C
1. Hand Means Stop / You Go Right (7:19)
2. One Way Ticket (3:28)
3. Family Affairs (5:38)
4. What More Could I Lose? (5:07)


Side D
1. A Small Price (3:17)
2. Even for You (2:15)
3. The Morning After
4. Is He Always Like This? (3:23)
5. More Power (4:07)
6. Charge! (3:28)


Side E
1. Forge (4:22)
2. Catch (6:04)
3. Haircut and Beard (3:51)
4. A Lot to Figure Out (3:08)
5. The End Game (2:34)


Side F
1. Get That Arm / I Feel You (4:45)
2. What Did It Cost (3:36)
3. Porch (0:59)
4. Infinity War (2:36)
5. Old Tech (1:05)
6. End Credits (7:31)

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 × .06 cm


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