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Will Oldham – Songs Of Love And Horror



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 The songs of Will Oldham have been written most

often for the aliases of Palace or Bonny. Their

identities, kept necessarily separate from Will’s, the

songs were written to create a singular encounter, to

be shared among those who choose to listen. ‘Songs

Of Love And Horror’ is a rare entry in this oeuvre: a

Will Oldham album, with the writer taking a turn as

singer. As befits the nature of this project, the songs

are sung and played by Will alone, in a setting enjoyed

by fans of his music – that of one voice and one guitar,

the better to savour the spare changes and starkly-cut

lyrics, operating in quiet tension and ultimate

collaboration. Will brings to the songs all that he has

learned from his stage-crafting fellows over the years,

singing new versions that quiver like fresh young

things in the air of today.

 Autumn 2018 sees the release of a celebrated lyrics

archive that has been growing for over 25 years in the

form of a book – the words to the songs sung by

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Palace Music, written by Will

Oldham. The book, to be released by W.W. Norton, is

titled ‘Songs Of Love And Horror’, the same as this

album and can be seen as a companion piece. Both

celebrate not one legacy but rather a confluence of

them, flowing in the stream towards an unknown and

often unknowing future, with the hope that these

notes in a bottle ever pass on through.

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