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Out Rock / Doom / Heaviness /Stoner / Psych

White Hills – H-p1



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‘H-p1’ is White Hills’ second album on Thrill Jockey, reissued for the first time on vinyl to coincide with the release of new album ‘Stop Mute Defeat’ and the Thrill Jockey 25th Anniversary celebrations. Deluxe 150gram 2LP housed in a gatefold jacket with a free download coupon. White Hills are proponents of psychedelia as transformation. The music made by Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in dystopian futurism and hyper-conscious of society’s constant desire for a new and better drug. Musically, ‘H-p1’ expands on the explorations of previous albums in ambience, noise and space rock all led by guitarist Dave W.’s blistering guitar solos.

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