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D.A.L.I. – when haro met sally (YELLOW VINYL)



Product Description

Very limited Sunshine Yellow Vinyl housed inside a Gloss Gatefold jacket.

Del Mar Skate Park, California, Summer ’84. Blinding sun hits chrome sending rainbow prisms across hot asphalt. There’s a buzz in the air. Teenage dreams and dope smoke mix with the Pacific breeze. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. This summer’s never gonna end. Tricks are being pulled and moves are being made that these crowds have never seen. Even the wood-pushers are blown away. Seeds sewn a decade ago by Todd and Devin Banks on Overland Drive have come to fruition. Dominguez is up next, he’s 15, and hitting 6 feet of air. Then it’s Gonzalez. And Vanderspek. This is going down in history.

Except this isn’t the West Coast of America. And the sun’s not shining. These are the grey suburbs of Leicester and London. And our Bmx’s are shit.

WHEN HARO MET SALLY is the soundtrack to one seemingly endless summer, when teenage heartbreak ruled supreme, everything American seemed cool, and all we did from dawn ’til dusk was dream about girls and ride our bikes.

Spanning early 80’s VHS soundtracks, teenage electro, heartbreak synths and Italo Disco, WHEN HARO MET SALLY will transport you back to that endless sun-baked teenage summer… that none of us ever had.

1. Intro 2. Chrome 3. Too Tuff to Bluff 4. Vanderpsek skit 5. Curb Dogs 6. Kuwahara Dreams 7. Goodtimes in Badlands 8. Gettin’ Crit 9. When Haro Met Sally 10. Scurra skit 11. Mushroom Grip 12. Sunset on Overland Drive 13. In Dominguez We Trust 14. Skyway SKIT 15. Me and my Mongoose 16. Throwdown at the Del Mar 17. Heartbreak at Runway Park 18. Mirage SKIT 19. Upland ’84 (Endless Summer) 20. Freestyin’ skit

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