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Wet Hair – The Floating World

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With ‘The Floating World’, Wet Hair return to the spotlight with a kinetic collection of six sizable tracks that represent their most exciting and beautifully-produced efforts to date. On their latest (the trio’s first release since 2012’s ‘Spill Into Atmosphere’ LP), the Iowa City-based veterans revitalize their hybrid psych / Krautrock sound, masterfully working shimmering synths swells and fiery drum and bass grooves into pointed explorations of growth and texture. Working in a style that has traditionally drawn excitement from longwinded sonic build-ups, Wet Hair keenly sculpt their jams so the electric musicality only highlights the pop vocal leads. Tracks like ‘Dear Danae’ and ‘Revealing’ revel in their allusion to noise-pop of the aughts, offering up simple, ear worm melodies that shine in the frantic orchestration. ‘Endless Procession’, the record’s eight-minute long jaunt, works through a haze of twittering synths toward the ultimate goal of full-blown catharsis and ensuing decay. Meanwhile, cuts like ‘Through The Night’ and ‘Lift The Stone’ show off Wet Hair’s rock-solid rhythm section as they syncopate and shred support for crunchy synth melodies. Years in the making, The Floating World oozes a self-evident aura of quality and craftsmanship as Wet Hair serve up some of the brightest gems in their already expansive catalogue.

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