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Vi-Res- The First People



Product Description

Dolby B noise reduction.Jewel case. J insert with 1 extra panel. Direct transfer from master.


Many,many eons ago.
A technologically advanced species of intelligent life existed on Earth peacefully and in harmony with the environment.Until one day their astronomical weather stations reported that an iminent and cataclysmic meteor storm was heading for Earth. Immediately they gathered their entire species and boarded them all onto various spacecraft to retreat and find a suitable planet to inhabit and survive.They left in hope.

In 1987 they make their return to Earth only to find that a new race called “Humans” now dominate the planet and can see the damage that people are doing to Earth and themselves.Secretly,they spy on and study the humans until they are discovered and captured by Intelligence organisations.The anger towards humans grows as the alien prisoners underwent cruel,torturous experiments and interrogations. A war quickly erupts and the aliens gain control over the world.They vow to retrain and reprogram the human race into a harmonious and sustainable civilisation.The general population of people tried to get along but the governments resisted.



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