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Product Description

Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain is the quintessential work
of artist/filmmaker/composer Tony Conrad. Comprised of both
film installation and minimalist score for amplified strings, Ten
Years leaps across genre and medium to connect his revolutionary
structural filmmaking with the experiments in long-duration
sound that Conrad had begun in the 1960s as part of the Theatre
of Eternal Music.
“Ten Years began with image before sound,” writes Andrew
Lampert, “a row of quadruple projections arranged side-by-side,
all the shuffling stripes cascading into each other. Over the next
two hours the music throbbed and the projectors incrementally
shifted inwards, their beams gradually uniting to form one
pulsating, overlapping picture.”
For its 1972 premiere at New York’s The Kitchen, Ten Years
included Conrad on violin as well as Rhys Chatham and
Laurie Spiegel performing on instruments of the composer’s
own making. Chatham played the Long String Drone—a 6-foot
long strip of wood with bass strings, electric pickup, tuning keys,
tape, rubber band and metal hardware—
while Spiegel carried
out an arrhythmic bass pulse throughout.
Superior Viaduct is honored to present this previously
unreleased recording of Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain’s
breathtaking premier performance. As Chatham recounts in the
liner notes, “When I first listened to this recording after not
hearing it for over 40 years, it transported me back to the early
Kitchen and the heyday of early minimalism, played outside the
Dream Syndicate.”

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