Tired Tape Machine – Not here

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If you loved Vampyr by Death & Vanilla then this record is a must for you. We only have 50 copies of this record and when it’s gone it’s gone! A few weeks before his thirtieth birthday Petter Lindhagen, the man behind the moniker Tired Tape Machine, isolated himself in a cabin in the remote woods of Sweden, to start working on what he himself describes as his midlife-crisis album, the one- man band’s third full-length ”Not Here”. Initially designated to be a minimalistic, instrumental piano album, it took three years to finalize, and had during the process developed into something much more diverse. Stepping outside of the realm of the wholly instrumental music of Tired Tape Machine’s previous work, ”Not Here” is distinctly marked by choir-like, haunting vocal layers with repetitive lyrics in multiple harmonies sung by Petter himself (joined by his daughter Stella on the single ”Your Ghost”, after having bribed her with cookies), as well as graceful strings. ”I think of the album as more than a collection of songs”, Petter says. ”There’s a certain mood continuously flowing through it all, kind of like a film. The songs are also harmonically similar and are all in the same key. Even if I’m not quite comfortable using the term, I guess you could almost call it a symphony.” The piano on the cover is the one heard on the album. Strictly one per person.

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