Themes International: The Lost Tapes – Orgasmo Sonore



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Product Description

Spun Out Of Control, the London based label dedicated to fledgling soundtrack composers and emerging electronic musicians, is ecstatic to release the debut tape from Orgasmo Sonore, otherwise known as accomplished French-Canadian musician and passionate genre film fan Frank Rideau.


Themes International: The Lost Tapes is a collection of original compositions by Orgasmo Sonore, whose previous work has been self-released or appeared on the Cineploit label. For this ambitious project, recorded throughout 2015, each film score or library music-inspired theme was randomly picked, then the individual track written, recorded & produced to a strict two-week deadline.


Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies on pad-printed translucent green cassette shell, thereby mirroring the artwork and j-card design by artist Eric Adrian Lee (DeathWaltz/Mondo, Giallo Disco & Wil-Ru Records), Themes International: The Lost Tapes adds tracks that did not appear on the original Cineploit vinyl release, thereby forming a companion piece.


Orgasmo Sonore on Themes International: The Lost Tapes:


“The music contained on this album covers a broad range of musical genres that are all part of Orgasmo Sonore’s unique realm of cinematic sound. Over the course of these 14 selected themes the listener is invited to take a trip through 20th century music… revised with an original and modern spirit.”

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