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The Detroit Cobras – Tied & True



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 One of the earliest groups to emerge from the

Detroit garage rock scene, The Detroit Cobras

developed a reputation as the Midwest’s finest

(and most distinctive) cover band – while the band

members devoted themselves to performing other

people’s material rather than recycling established

hits, The Detroit Cobras dug deep into the well of

vintage R&B and primitive rock & roll sides,

building an individual identity out of lost classics

from the past which they modified to fit their

swaggering aural personality.

 Originally released in April 2007, with ‘Tried & True’

The Detroit Cobras practically created a new genre

for themselves, delivering the sonic goods to back

up some seriously supernatural soulful vocal gifts.

Stretching out in the studio like never before and

including contributions from top line players like

Greg Cartwright, the Cobras created a versatile

and formidable wall of Spector sound.

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