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The Beatles – The Christmas Records



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By 1963 The Beatles had more fans than they could possibly hope to play to in concert and the numbers were growing every year. To keep in touch with these fans – Beatle People as they became known – a fan club was launched with the first edition coming in 1963. For Christmas that year, it was decided that The Beatles would record a special Christmas message to these fans and that it would be sent out for free as a flexi single with the Christmas newsletter. • From then on right through to Christmas 1969, The Beatles would continue to record a special message every year, sometimes taking a day of studio time during recording sessions and each was sent out as a flexi disc.•This was not a hi-fi listening experience, but to the fans it was an unforgettable moment of fun and insight into the character of their four favourite band members who they felt had never forgotten them no matter how big and globally successful they became. They were never officially released commercially although in 1970 they were compiled onto one disc to be sent to the fan club members in the USA that year. •This box brings together all these messages as a collection of INDIVIDUALLY COLOURED   7 x 7” singles, remastered from the best possible source in the archive (often the original master tape) and presented here on a range of individual coloured vinyl. The 16 page book contains the newsletters from each edition as well as an introductory essay from Beatles historian, Kevin Howlett.