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The new band from Al Monte from Total Control, UV Race, Dick Diver etc release their debut album ‘Terry HQ’ on Upset the Rhythm. The album is a complete ramshackle joy that is part Swell Maps, part Beat Happening and Part Flying Nun records in it’s 80’s prime.
LP – Standard sleeve with printed insert, black vinyl and Download.

Terry emerged from the depths of the antipodean pop subculture that spawned their sister bands Dick Diver, Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and many others, though in this quartet there was a disarming pop nous that drew as much on early 80s UK DIY as did the, well, Australian / New Zealand early 80s DIY. After a smash hit debut 7″, the group have grown in dynamics and tightened up the ship ever-so slightly. For their debut LP, on the irrepressible Upset The Rhythm, Terry have hewn their songwriter into bullet points. Rumbling along on the fringes of punk but always melodically sparkling, the compositions run the gamut from bass-heavy peons to soviet era politics (maybe?) to heartfelt, wonky paired-down acoustic songs that make ample use of the vocal talents of all involved.
Being who they are, Terry never fully reveal their hand. There’s an utterly endearing snottiness, particularly in the vocals of Al Montfort, while the clever word play clangs about the listener’s head.

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