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80s / New Wave / Synthpop

Talk Talk – It’s My Life



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Exact replica of the original album on 180gm vinyl. 1LP with printed inner bag.

There are nine songs on It’s My Life and although this is a new-wave album it has surprisingly good range. The albums opener Dum Dum Girl was a single and it contains all of the elements needed to be a successful one. The song is basically a simple drum beat, a mellow, semi-funky bassline and Hollis’s soft voice. Then the chorus comes in and takes you by complete surprise. The keyboards really explode creating a synthed out vibe along with Marks high pitched wailing. Dum Dum Girl is without a doubt a catchy tune but it sounds a little crowded and wears thin after multiple listens. The title track, It’s My Life is another cheese pop song although it is well written and not as boisterous as the opener. This time the music focuses on keyboard bleeps and guitar riffs and the atmosphere of the song is quite refined and not as jittery as most of the album. Hollis delivers a dreamy chorus and it almost sounds like a song that would be playing at a Las Vegas Casino. The Last Time follows this poppy trend and is the title tracks twin brother. Another twinkly keyboard line is played throughout the verses and western influenced guitar licks play in the background. All in all Talk Talk do a pretty good job at creating new-wave synth pop songs.

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