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Electronic / Synth / Ambient

Sunset Graves – The Inevitable End



Product Description

Sunset Graves’ percussive, techno-influenced synth soundscapes

reach an explosive peak on new album ‘The Inevitable End’


Spun Out Of Control, the label showcasing emerging electronic musicians and fledgling film score composers, presents the inspired new album from electronic musician Andy Fosberry, aka Sunset Graves. Released on cassette, ‘The Inevitable End’ inventively blends minimalist techno with industrial electronica, Vangelis-like synth pads and found sound to deliver an awe-inspiring aural explosion.


Sunset Graves’ new album is available on a limited run of cassettes, with exclusively commissioned artwork provided by Eric Adrian Lee.


Sunset Graves on ‘The Inevitable End’:


“I had this thought: would it be possible to create an album using a really small palette of sound? I don’t choose when to write a record, it chooses me. And when I felt this one coming on, I knew that it needed to be nothing like any of my previous work. Things had changed, and my music needed to reflect that. So I started to layout my tools: synths, drums, samples and field recordings. The only rule was that I would use these, and only these, but I could process and add effects to them in any way I chose.


I wanted to find detail by smashing drum elements into grains and coercing them back into shapes and patterns. I wanted to create texture by applying filters and stacks of EQ and reverb to synths. I wanted to give the album depth and life by recording sounds of the environment around me. The first drums you hear on ‘Lovr’ are an iPhone recording of me tapping the steel girder of a railway bridge. The road that never sleeps outside my home is the bed on which ‘Solace’ lies. By processing, stretching, crushing and pushing, finding elements and artifacts and using them as new starting points, an eco system of sound began to form, and the album exists within that. However, I also wanted the album to have a heart and resonate emotionally. And I wanted it to sound huge.”


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