Heresie Sisters Of The Bare Goddess cassette
Electronic / Synth / Ambient

Sisters Of The Bare Goddess – Black Narcissus RED (Cassette)



Product Description

Black Narcissus inspired electronic score is the latest cassette release for London label Spun Out Of Control


Electronic act Heresie makes his debut on Spun Out Of Control with a brand new synth score ‘Sisters Of The Bare Goddess’, inspired by Powell and Pressburger’s Technicolor classic, Black Narcissus, a dark tale of sexual desire and religion.


Fans of Blade Runner era Vangelis, Scorcerer period Tangerine Dream and, more recently, It Follows by Disasterpeace, will find much to enjoy in Heresie’s emotionally charged, fully electronic composition.


Cassette design is by Eric Adrian Lee. Limited edition of 150 cassettes, split evenly between two tape shell colours mirroring the cover and inlay art: Scarlet Woman (translucent red) or Seductress in Sea Green (75 copies of each worldwide). Catalogue number: SOS 023.


Heresie on his album Sisters Of The Bare Goddess:


Black Narcissus is a visually stunning Technicolor dream that turns into a nightmare. The film is like a moving painting; every scene is breathtakingly beautiful.


I am completely fascinated by the fact that such a strange and dark film exploring themes of sexuality so overtly was seen by a mainstream audience in the 1940s. The film starts off in a daze, progressively gets darker and by the final third descends into horror. My vision was that my album would reflect the tone of the film as it progresses.

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