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GALACTIC SOUNDS is the new album by Swedish artist Retep Folo – aka Peter Olof Fransson. Peter has been involved in the Gothenburg underground music scene since the late 1990s, firstly in experimental electronic duo Exhadley, then the more theatrical project Ester Elster, and is currently in 60’s psychedelia inspired ‘The Owl Report’. The former two notching up releases on Swedish underground label Psychic Malmö and British label Reverb Worship. As his Soundcloud account testifies his solo out put is prodigious, much of it unreleased gems, in 2016 he self released the lathe cut ‘Music for Cats’.

It was around the age of six on family trips to his Uncles house in the suburbs of Gothenburg that Peter first started to be intrigued by stars, galaxies and ‘other worlds’. In the evenings he and his cousins would play around with a short wave radio, searching the intervals in between stations for odd noises and voices, then pointing torch lights to the heavens, hoping that that they might receive signals from ‘alien’ life forms.

GALACTIC SOUNDS steps off from this period of joyful childhood star gazing. Conceived from its inception as “head phone music” – meant to encourage the listener to close their eyes and travel to a far off place. It was recorded with a limited pallet of instruments from his collection; a vintage Farfisa Professional Organ, an old 1966 East German Klira Bass Guitar, a 70’s Japanese Glockenspiel and an Elgam Carousel – a rare analogue preset type rhythm box. Inspired in part by 1970s library music and Czech Cartoon sound tracks Peter has created a magical tapestry of space age sound, that glides the listener from track to track, on an intergalactic journey through the starry skies.

The album is accompanied by two videos made by Peter that hint at the cut up collage and mixed media style of his paintings, which he creates with re-appropriated vintage magazines and acrylic paint. To see more of his art and to listen to some of his other music check out his website.

1. Galactic Pulse 2. Galactic Being 3. Galactic Sun 4. Galactic Swim 5. Galactic Friends 6. Galactic Moon 7. Galactic Stones 8. Galactic Love 9. Galactic Flare 10. Galactic Spring 11. Galactic Dream 12. Galactic Children 13. Galactic Run 14. Galactic Variation 15. Galactic Cruise 16. Galactic End

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