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PYE CORNER AUDIO / DALHOUS – run for the shadows



Product Description

Lapsus Records

It’s an honor for us to announce that our next album is by two of our favourite artists: Pye Corner Audio and Dalhous. After their participation in Lapsus Festival, both artists agreed to our request to make a split album and the result is “Run For The Shadows”, an EP composed of four magnificent tracks, which includes some of the most impressive work from their respective discographies. The kinematics and bubbling sonic frequencies of “Stream Four” and the emotional techno low pulse of “The Simplest Equation” will be well appreciated by fans of Mr. Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio aka “the favorite artist of your favorite artist”. Two extraordinary pieces of analogue electronic music whose slow-(e)motion dynamics adhere to the already mythical Black Mill Tapes. As for Dalhous, they have created two of their best songs to date. The beautiful and incredibly melancholic melodies of “The Essential Wander” are surrounded by an extraordinary rhythm section full of surprising twists. Secondly, the brief but amazingly intense (and painfully beautiful) “Another Witnessed By Resolution” closes one of the best chapters in the history of Dalhous, the magical musical project from Scotland which continues to open new ways in its increasingly personal world, far removed from popular trends. “Run For The Shadows” is, without doubt, the most outstanding album that Lapsus Records has released so far. An exceptional work by two unique artists. An stunning sensory journey. TRACKLIST: 1. Pye Corner Audio – Stream Four, 2. Pye Corner Audio – The Simplest Equation, 3. Dalhous – The Essential Wander, 4. Dalhous – Another Witnessed by Resolution


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