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PIERO PICCIONI ‎– 7 cadaveri per Scotland Yard



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Soundtrack for the 1972 Spanish-Italian crime film directed by José Luis Madrid (a sort of baroque revisiting of Jack The Ripper). The Maestro Piero Piccioni is in a rare groove mode here, lost between acid jazz breaks and deep funk rhythms in what is the first ever vinyl reprint of a minor classic. An impressive variety of themes, with the Hammond organ often doing the lion’s share of the work, the climate reminds us of the compositions of the late 60’s of the master; memorable sessions that would lead to the publication of the classic posthumous ‘Camille 2000’. The glamorous arrangements are fascinating, incorporating Mediterranean warmth through the US’s R&B demarcation lines.

Track list:
Side A:
A1 Seven Murders A2 Unknown Maniac A3 Reminding The Ripper A4 The Investigation Starts A5 Suspecting

Side B:
B1 Unknown Maniac B2 Inspector Campbell B3 Seven Murders B4 Castle In Sussex B5 Seven Murders B6 Professor Christie

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