Electronic / Synth / Ambient

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Phantoms vs Fire – Swim



Product Description

Phantoms vs Fire is the solo project of Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist Thiago C. Desant. Both a composer and graphic artist, Desant focuses on melodies that incorporate traditional musical instruments, synthesizers, and orchestral arrangements.

Swim swings between deep synths and palmy drums in a very wide and stargaze chill-out groove. The album is intricate, offering 13 colourful instrumental tracks that match up to a glorious sonic canvas of high-quality musings, and high-quality sound. Rich and opulent, Swim holds amazing moments and complicated arrangements that all fans of Philip Glass’ craft shall adore. Admirers of Mike Oldfield–will find the missing stone they are looking for in delicate and accurate aesthetics. For the rest of us who still insist on drowning in our chambers of amplified and overdriven sounds, the record is an oasis of perfectly balanced instrumentation.

Phantoms vs Fire’s ‘Swim’ is an expansive and esoteric listen, a modern concept album, seismic, cathartic and with tints of the Orient.