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Record store day 2019

Paul Haslinger – Halt and Catch Fire Vol 2



Product Description

Fire Soundtracks

First time on Vinyl, LTD edition die cut ‘COMET’ Slipcase. 1000 copies only. “Appropriately synth heavy drawing on his past contributions to Tangerine Dream” The Vinyl Factory. “An incredibly sexy, high-octane drama about all of the genius and ego behind the (‘80s) tech boom that changed the world.” Paste. “Intelligent eighties drama… essentially Mad Men for techno-geeks.” Telegraph. A second volume of music from the hugely successful Halt And Catch Fire TV series. Created by former Tangerine Dream member, the soundtrack is an evocative backdrop to the award-winning tech-based series. With a nod to John Carpenter at his dramatic finest and Pink Floyd circa ‘Atom Heart Mother’, an electronic soundscape that’s Bladerunner-esque ambience is dotted with aching melancholy. Haslinger’s music underscores a show at the very cutting edge of box set mania. Track List 1 Mosaic 2 Cameron’s Motorcycle Diaries 3 Venture Capital 4 Impossible to Love 5 Why I Finally Told Him 6 The Connection 7 Into the River 8 Life Interrupted 9 Empty Rooms 10 Off to Seattle 11 Phoenix 12 Dreamers and Misfits 13 It Worked for Awhile / Cam and Joe 14 I Have an Idea

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