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Ninja Senki



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* High-energy chiptune Soundtrack for popular sidescroller game * Clear vinyl picture disc with custom pixelated ninja star cut-out shape Unleash the power of the Shurikenjutsu! Ninja Senki is a fast-paced platformer by Tribute Games featuring the blue ninja Hayate, lots of shurikens and revenge! This is the official release of Patrice Bourgeault’s Original and DX versions of the soundtrack. With Ukiyo-E inspired album art by Drew Wise, this Limited Edition release comes as a uniquely designed 140g Picture Disc of a ninja star in clear vinyl! Clear Vinyl Pixel Ninja Star Picture Disc 12″ LP (33RPM) w/ full color textured jacket. Included digital download card for full OST. Tracklist: 1. Teaser DX 2. Titlescreen DX 3. Roadnight DX 4. Bamboo DX 5. Caves DX 6. Mount Fuji DX

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