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Beverley Hills Cop (Palm Tree Splatter Vinyl)



Product Description

Exclusive Variant on Palm Tree Splatter Coloured Vinyl
though Enjoy The Ride Records
Limited pressing of 500 copies worldwide
1986 Grammy award winning score
First Time Full Score On Vinyl
Enjoy The Ride Records, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures is proud to present the score to Beverly Hills Cop,
available for the first time on vinyl. Composed by Grammy Award winner Harold Faltermeyer (Top Gun, Fletch, Midnight Express),
the 80’s synth-pop sound is nostalgic and iconic. The protege of musical mastermind Giorgio Moroder got to show the world what he could do
with this infectious compositions and fan favourite, “Axel F,” which is strewn throughout various tracks of the score.
Faltermeyer refers to Axel F as the “banana theme,” as it was originally written for the scene where
Axel Foley gives a pair of Beverly Hills police officers the slip by shoving bananas up their exhaust pipe,
causing their car to stall when they try and tail him.
Side A
Foley Finds Mikey*
Bad Guys
Flowers*Foley Busted*
Cops Follow Merc
Late Dinner / Warehouse*
Shoot Out
The New Team*
Chase To Harrow’s*
Rosewood / Foley To Gallery*
The Discovery
Side B
Rosewood Saves Foley / Rosewood / Foley To Mansion*
Good Guys On Grounds*
Foley Shoots A Bad Guy
Zack Shoots
Maitland Shot
Bonus Tracks
Shoot Out (Alternate Ending)      1:45
The Discovery [Alternate Version]*
The Discovery (Theme Suite)
Zack Shot [Alternate Version]
* Contains “Axel F,” the theme from Beverly Hills Cop