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Odonis Odonis- Post Plague

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Toronto underground staple Odonis Odonis broke out in 2011 with their scrappy, blown out debut, Hollandaze. The dynamic trio instantly began turning heads with their signature “industrial surf¬gaze” sound. On their Polaris Prize nominated follow¬ up, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, Odonis Odonis masterfully crafted a sonically divergent record that pushed their sound into new territory. Odonis Odonis’ latest epic, Post Plague, delivers a powerful blend of industrial, electronic and Sci¬Fi. Odonis Odonis’ post–apocalyptic anthems construct scenes of sci-¬fi horror and saturate them with industrial strength synth beats. Dean Tzenos’ vocals sit clear and upfront, delivered with a foreboding intensity accented by his synth motifs and soundscapes. Denholm Whale’s carefully crafted bass figures / electronic percussions are strategically placed like demolition charges throughout the sonic foundations of each track that Jarod Gibson, like some futurist architect, constructs. On Post Plague, Odonis Odonis delivers the kind of hypnotic, pulsing destruction that you can’t wipe away. Post Plague inhabits that impending reality of synthetic experience which forces us to realize what we are: vulnerable, frantic creatures yearning for an authentic present / future. Jeff Goldblum, in the acclaimed motion picture The Fly, reminds us that we must take a “deep penetrating dive into the plasma pool,” and take stock of ourselves before we lose something profound. Something that may be necessary to ward off a pending anthropogenic apocalypse. Recognize and take pleasure in our fucked up place in time as we have so many new worlds possible at once.


01. Fearless 02. Needs 03. That’s How It Goes 04. Nervous 05. BLTZ 06.Pencils 07. Game 08. Vanta Black 09. Betrayal 10. Lust

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