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Max Richter – Infra



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Infra is the 2010 album by neo-classical composer Max Richter, released on July 19, 2010 on FatCat Records.

The album artwork is taken from the backdrop of The Royal Ballet‘s production Infra at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London on November 11, 2008.

This version is a 2017 re issue.


After Songs from Before and The Blue Notebooks, DG is releasing the third in a row of Max Richter’s Retrospective catalogue – Infra, now on Vinyl! Scored for piano, electronics, and string quartet, Infra is an expansion of a 25-minute piece Richter wrote for a collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor and visual artist Julian Opie.The original ballet was a response to the London bombings on 7/7. Richter explains: “The piece is about traveling, and in a way, [the songs] are quite existential, a meditation on the political state of London at that time and the tragedy of those events. We all knew people who had been affected by it or killed. Music is a social activity, and by definition, making any kind of statement is a political act.” The release follows Max Richter’s latest album “Three Worlds: music from Woolf Works”, which likewise features music from his score to Wayne McGregor’s ballet Woolf Works. This version, as released by Deutsche Grammophon, features one Bonus Track: “Sub Piano”. £2k general spend around live gig at Blenheim.




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