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Bye has been best known as one of Sweden’s most sought-after film composers, working on scores not only for contemporary but also vintage silent movies. In 2014 he received two of the three nominations for Best Original Music Award at Sweden’s Guldbaggen.
He’s recorded a number of solo works, too, not least 2010’s Drömt and 2013’s Bethanien. This Forgotten Land , produced by Joel Danell offers a deeply atmospheric experience, steeped in nostalgia and yet thrillingly contemporary.


Opening track “Melt” provides a clear indication of what’s to come, with its muffled tones, distant bells and a subdued sense of foreboding. At other times – such on “Underneath The Silence” – one can hear the influence of Debussy, and scattered throughout are hints, too, of Satie and Chopin at their most tranquil. On “Absence”, the creaking of Bye’s keyboard pedals is intrinsic to the atmosphere of his rippling, Southern European melody, while “Into The Haze” and “Cascading Sun” – with Leo Svensson’s haunting musical saw – and “Empty Streets / Piano Street” reveal his affection for circus music and other archaic styles. Bye speaks fondly of “the strange, romantic mood you get when you hear old merry go rounds, or mechanical instruments in small amusements parks, and abandoned places like Coney Island,” and the strange, incongruous sounds sometimes audible in the background are as essential to his compositions as the flutter of a film projector when watching an old film. In fact, though it’s very distinct, This Forgotten Land succeeds in conjuring up an idiosyncratic ambience whose power is similar to that of another of his great inspirations, Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones, albeit long after the greasepaint has been removed and the bars have emptied out.


1. Memories
2. Monza 1978
3. Monza 2016
4. Monthlhéry
5. Early Days
6. The Dream
7. Go Out Into The World
8. In The Shadow Of Number One
9. Happy Days
10. The Phone Call
11. The Waiting Daughter
12. Lotus 72
13. Dutch Grand Prix 1973
14. Monaco 1970
15. The Funeral
16. Across The Sun

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