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Directed in 2008 by Pascal Laugier (ten years before his latest footage, Ghostland), Martyrs is without a doubt the most controversial french horror film of its decade. Beyond the symbolism of its subject or the hyperrealism of its special effects, the movie only represents the love between two friends, within a more and more dehumanized society.


The score composed by the Cortés brothers results from the vision of its director, sometimes cold and austere, sometimes organic and evend melancholic. Thought more by its creators as a concept album, rather than a simple sound illustration, the soundtrack ends with the famous title Your Witness, with pop-Floydian accents. The song My Neighbourhood, by composer Goldmund, is also present for the first time.


Second film of Pascal Laugier after Saint-Ange in 2004, Martyrs also represents the last project of the makeup artist Benoît Lestang (The Living Dead Girl, The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls or collaborator of Mylène Farmer for Sans contrefaçon, Giorgino and Q.I)