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Luboš Fišer – Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (RSD 2017)



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Product Description

As part of one of our most fruitful and gregarious
adventures Finders Keepers Records now celebrate 10
years since the first-ever releases of the Czechoslovakian
soundtrack to the surrealist new wave masterpieces
Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie a týden divu)
with a very special additional 7” EP of further unreleased
variations, vocal tracks and newly resurrected themes from
the original master tapes of composer Luboš Fišer.
Possibly the most treasured modern surrealist artefacts
from the vibrant and indelible Czech New Wave “film
miracle” (alongside Vera Chytilová’’s ‘Daisies’ and ‘Fruits Of
Paradise’) ‘Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders’ was directed
by the controversial Jaromil Jireš (a member of the original
60’s FAMU film school community) and featured young
freak fairytale regular Jaroslava Schallerová (Malá morská
víla) and Helena Anýzová (Daisies/The Cremator) but aside
from it’s stunning cast and breathtaking design and
costumes (by Esther Krumbachova) it was in fact the
delicate European cinematic small orchestra music score
that went to future-proof this film for decades after it was
first released in the eye of a 1970 communist censorship
As a direct inspiration for bands like Broadcast and Espers,
this 7 track single also macabre sound design, effects and
dark atmospherics which are not available on the Finders
Keepers LP version and is housed in unique packaging
based on a rare variation of the original Czech film
poster.Record Store Day 2017 exclusive.
This very special 7” EP features unreleased variations,
vocal tracks and newly resurrected themes taken from the
original master tapes that did not feature on the original
Finders Keepers Records longplayer (FKR009).
Limited to 700 copies for the UK and Eire

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