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Louis’ Band – Taste Me



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“Taste me” is a 1981 obscure instrumental library music album and a weird example of Italo Funk Disco played by professional musicians (most of them under pseudonym) involved also in many different musical projects (from jazz, progressive rock and disco music).

The LP includes the killer Disco Funk “Don’t Stop It”. Repressed in limited edition with original artwork for the first time since 1981. Don’t miss it.


Side One

1            Pasadena Jam            3:22

2            Don’t stop it            4:06

3            Nyon Castle            4:49

4            Sweet Juanita            3:35

5            Twist Graffiti            3:02


Side 2

1            Love touch            3:54

2            Sexy dream            3:45

3            Jump Jump            3:45

4            Clouds                    3:38


Music By Piergiovanni – Arranged By  Louis Vanni

Recorded at Nova’s Studio Trenton N. J.

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Joe Simpson

Assistent Engineer: Charles Timpleton

Art Direction: Wallup

Keyboards – Richard Gnerus

Drums & Percussion: Marx Lamions & Steve Rich

Electric & Acoustic Guitar: Peter Eugenes

Electric Bass: Steve Vanni

Sax & Flute: Lou Grant

Strings: Willard Orchestra

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