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LE ORME – Piccola rapsodia dell’ape – Coloured Vinyl



Product Description

In 1980, while musical genres like punk and new wave were enjoying an incredible popularity and progressive rock seemed to be just an old faded memory, Le Orme, completely disinterested in following the trends of the moment, continued in the wake of popular/folk/baroque music with classical
influences that started the previous year with the beautiful “Florian”. The line-up remained the same, with the historical trio of Aldo Tagliapietra
(cello, guitar, voice), Antonio Pagliuca (piano) and Giuseppe Dei Rossi (vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, percussion) accompanied by the
increasingly fundamental presence of Germano Serafin (violin, guitar, bouzouki, charango): in fact, all the LP songs also carry his signature, in addition to those of Pagliuca and Tagliapietra. Serafin would shortly leave the group who, probably not just by coincidence, will then contaminate their sound with the synthetic artifacts typical of the 80’s. But that’s another story: “Piccola rapsodia dell’ape” remains a genuine album, another step in an unrepeatable and unparalleled artistic evolution.
VM label reissue on coloured vinyl, faithful to the original 1980 edition, with gatefold cover and inner envelope with song lyrics.

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