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KURT VILE – childish prodigy

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Product Description

Childish Prodigy, his third full-length, is his first for Matador Records and therefore his first widely-available release. Vile marks this step into the relative big league by inviting his touring band, The Violators, into the studio with him for a couple of tracks, breaking up the hushed and intimate vibe of the previous albums with a ragged Crazy Horse stomp (opener Hunchback) and frayed charm (the lackadaisical Monkey). In such moments, Childish Prodigy feels like some obscure 70s rock LP discovered by chance in a charity shop, an ambiance Vile no doubt aimed for. Freak Train, which closes the album’s first side, captures this vibe perfectly, its chugging seven-minute guitar ’n’ sax rock-out sounding like an indie-rock Born to Run.
Vile’s solo recordings, meanwhile, continue to impress. Dead Alive – which sounds like Thurston Moore singing The Rolling Stones’ Play with Fire – is mesmerising, with a brooding menace; similarly, the aching and pretty Heart Attack is given an electrified edge by Vile’s bluesy holler, sounding like Dylan in caustic, chiding Like a Rolling Stone mode.
His roots might be easy to trace, but Childish Prodigy is more than the product of a tasteful record collection.

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