KPM1000 Afro Rock



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KPM1000 Afro Rock

Afro and Rock: now that’s a pretty good combination any day of the week chez Love
Lee but in the masterful hands of John Cameron (founder of ace Brit Prog outfit CCS, composer of the cult sound tracks to Kes and Psycomania, and musical arranger for the likes of Donovan, Hot Chocolate, Heatwave and David Essex) and Alan Parker (erm, he wrote the theme to Angels. Note to Alan – ask John who made his website for him) the juxtaposition of these two words kicks up a boat load more breaks and funky atmospherics than can safely be navigated up the Zambezi, with or without Audrey Hepburn

A quick word of warning; if you’re the kind of crate digger who’s heart misses a beat at phrases like “repetitive forceful riffs” and “aggressive Afro rhythms” you had better pre-book an ambulance before slipping this baby in to your compact disc player and dealing with the ensuing onslaught of nasty wah wah guitars, fiery conga work outs, heavy harps (really), spacey electric piano, far out flutes and lots and lots of drums.

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