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Holger Czukay – Rome Remains Rome



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 Upon examining the eventful life of Can bassist Holger Czukay, one might

conclude that this intrepid musician was a loner. His turbulent career exuded

an enduring eccentricity governed by a boundless free spirit. Yet Czukay,

who passed away unexpectedly last year at the age of 79, constantly

emphasized that his creativity was always contingent upon a musical

partner, whether that was a skin-and-bones counterpart or an anonymous

manifestation that interacted with him through radio waves or, as happened

later, the internet. Nonetheless, most of his partners were of flesh and


  His oeuvre, which is in itself cinematic in nature, boasts a cast worthy of a

Martin Scorsese film. Only the most interesting character actors were cast:

Brian Eno, Phew, Rolf Dammers, David Sylvian, Annie Lennox, Jah Wobble,

his Can bandmates… the list could go on and on.

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