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HANNAH PEEL – Mary Casio:Journey To Cassiopeia

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Product Description

Limited edition silver space metallic finish on gatefold LP


HOLY SHIT. Where to begin? It’s like Hannah Peel took the original Blade Runner theme added a 30 piece brass band and decided to make an interstellar record that aliens would understand. This record has so many otherworldly sounds we can’t believe she even recorded it on Earth, it also features more emotional heft than your average Adele song, it is absolutely astonishing and extraordinary and the fact that it isn’t in ever single stores top 5 records of the year is bewildering. An absolute ALL TIMER. Beautiful and mesmerising.

1. Goodbye Earth
2. Sunrise Through The Dusty Nebula
3. Deep Space Cluster
4. Andromeda M31
5. Life Is On The Horizon
6. Archid Orange Dwarf
7. The Planet Of Passed Souls


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