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We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want follow up the head-turning Through The Looking Glass with an official reissue of Kenji Kawai’s timeless soundtrack of the 1995 anime cult classic Ghost In The Shell, needless to say we don’t need to tell you how essential this is.
The film follows the hunt for the public security agency’s search for an elusive hacker figure known as The Puppet Master. Whereas the majority of the songs are instrumentals centred around taiko drums and ambient synth textures that mimic the plot, the opening main theme ‘Making of a Cyborg’ features a Japanese choir. The female voices are singing parts of the wedding song toho kami emi tame in the ancient language of Yamato, fusing traditional Japanese notes with Bulgarian harmony, with its swelling synths perfectly capturing the building tension towards the climax of the film.
You can hear influence from Kenji Kawai’s orchestral score in the work of everyone from Boards of Canada, Hudson Mohawke, KWC92, Japan Blues & Lone. This deluxe reissue is sure to be crowned reissue of the year 2017, as well as filling a gap in the hearts and record collections of thousands of people from here to New Port City.

Limited edition LP + 7”
OBI + Silver Foil
Extensive 24-page liner notes booklet
Black Inners
Authorised Official Original Soundtrack

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