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Fake Baron Battle Set

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Product Description

FAKE BARON Vs. Duo Gero Battle set

“Imagine Fake Baron is a real tv show, whereby in each episode Fake Baron will be fighting different enemy. It is a collaboration project between Awesome Toy and many other sofubi makers around the world. In each battle set, we will be painting other sofubi brand’s character and the partnered brand doing the same for our Fake Baron…” Teaming up with none other than Slave One for the first “episode”, the set features a Tetsujin-inspired FAKE BARON complete with sprays from Slave One over blue vinyl, plus a pair of purple and green Geros with paint apps from Awesome Toy inspired by both the infamous Roswell alien autopsy and Marx Toys’ classic Great Garloo figure.

Limited to just 15 worldwide and only available in Japan as a lottery


3 figures bagged with header card and poster.