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The work of Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35, PJ Harvey, The Winstons, etc.) and that of Junkfood have crossed paths several times in the past in a variety of contexts and collaborations. But never have the two entities, so to speak, been under the same roof. This occasion is thanks to the Festival Hallo Bigallo 2014 dedicated to the figure of Piero Umiliani, where they were both invited to perform and do some readings from the repertoire of the Maestro. After the pleasant experience Junkfood and Gabrielli agreed to meet at the Vacuum Studio of Bruno Germano (Iosonouncane) in Bologna. And thus begun the “Italian Masters”, an album dedicated to some of the greatest Italian composers of film scores. The result exceeds expectations, where the beautiful music of Umiliani, Morricone and Trovajoli are distorted and filtered by the sensitivity of the five, while maintaining their unmistakable identity.

What is most striking about this album is the incredible consistency despite the different authorship of the compositions and the very wide range of situations and solutions that musicians find themselves in, which results in a sound that is greater than the sum of both the proprietary songwriters and the individual performers. The quintet succeeds in the difficult task of standing tall against comparison with models and simultaneously develop their own poetic and independent sound, that make Italian Masters a real gem that is as much for the fanatics of film music as the newbies called to those shores by the sirens of Gabrielli and Junkfood.

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