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Oh my god , what a blinder ! And we’re not just saying this because of the title either 😉

This is an incredible post industrial , synth , film score, dirty NY disco , UK acid infused record that seems sonically designed to destroy your speakers , it has that Chris n Cosey drugged out groove that infused the very best of Throbbing Gristle thing going on and features Sasha Grey on vocals . The whole thing sounds  like it was recorded at 4am on a total post drugs downer.

Seriously this is an easy contender for one of the best records of 2016.

This is what the press blurb says

Death in Vegas returns with ‘Transmission’, the sixth release from the project begun by Richard Fearless nearly two decades ago, and the first new album since ‘Trans-Love Energies’ in 2011.

United over a love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey, Fearless partners with artist and writer Sasha Grey, whose lyrics resonate across the soundscape of visceral techno and unsettling, discordant drones, weaving into a state of dreamlike euphoria.

Field recordings of the constant drone of air traffic and incessant noise from the steel factory opposite Fearless’ Metal Box studio, as well as the Ballardian landscape in which it’s set, all exert their pull on the record, searching for light in the dark.


1 – Metal Box 2 – Consequences of Love 3 – Transmission 4 – Mind Control 5 – Flak 6 – Sequential Analog Memory
7 -. Arise 8 – Strom 9 – You Disco I Freak 10 – Transwave

A – Metal Box B1 – Consequences of Love B2 – Transmission C1- Mind Control C2 – Flak D1 – Sequential Analog Memory
D2 – Arise E – You Disco I Freak F1 – Strom F2 – Transwave
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