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Daniel Thorne – Lines of Sight



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Composer, saxophonist and founder of Immix Ensemble, Daniel Thorne, has announced his invigorating and powerful debut solo album ‘Lines of Sight’ with the dizzying first track ‘From Inside, Looking Out’.

Deeply moving, full of otherworldly beauty and rapture, the album is alive, throbbing like a circulatory system, colourful and glowing. It literally dazzles – effectively capturing what the birth (or death) of a planet might sound like.

In Daniel’s own words, “Thematically, this music was inspired by birds-eye aerial images and the idea of perspective – how something incredibly complex like a river or the surface of the ocean is reduced to a simple line or shape when viewed from the heavens. The line between natural and man-made becomes increasingly blurred.”

Every strand is fresh, vital and purposeful. The description ‘seamless’ might suggest a smooth, bland fusion, but here elements overlap in intermittent, undulating layers of mesh. Avant-garde, noise, electronics, ecclesiastical, classical and a touch of jazz come together, each occupying their own space while acquiescing with the whole.

“Several compositions are derived from ratios and processes, and are
Lines of Sight follows Thorne’s work as artistic director of the acclaimed, collaboration-focussed group Immix Ensemble. Together with experimental electronic artist Vessel, he co-wrote Transition released on Erased Tapes in 2016, described by BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs as “a remarkable new piece of music”. More recently, he worked with acclaimed modular synth wizard Luke Abbott, to create a four-part suite, which was premiered live in June 2017. Immix Ensemble have also performed special live commissions with Kelly Lee Owens, Dialect, Jane Weaver and Bill Ryder-Jones, among others.

After a first solo performance at Sea Change Festival 2018, the new year will see Daniel tour across Europe, promoting the forthcoming release of Lines of Sight.

European Tour Dates:
13.2. Rotondes — Luxembourg, LU (with Daniel Brandt)
14.2. Melkweg — Amsterdam, NL (with Daniel Brandt)
15.2. Doornroosje — Nijmegen, NL (with Daniel Brandt)
16.2. Botanique — Brussels, BE – (with Daniel Brandt)
26.2. Corsica Studios — London, UK (with Daniel Brandt)
10.4. 24 Kitchen Street — Liverpool, UK (with Terry Riley & Gyan Riley)

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